Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not much posting will happen due to being on travel, but this International Herald Tribune article on starvation in Haiti caught my eye. Haiti's problems are many, beginning with chronic corruption, but soaring food prices are having an impact. Can't say less food will cause more misery, however, because only those who are alive experience worldly misery.


Bunc said...

Hi Looney - just saying hello. Not been round for a while as

a) I was very busy at work
b) I almost dislocated my shoulder a couple of weeks ago and had not been finding typing easy.

I am so committed to blogging it takes having my arm almost torn from its socket to stop me. (Ok it wasnt that bad but it was f'n sore!)

I hope all is well with you and yours - spring is finally nearly springing over here and I fly to a wedding in Italy this week.

I shall be wearing the kilt ( and have been told by my partner that I shall NOT wear the kilt "sans underwear". This is of course a complete travesty and my Scottish ancestors will be wringing their sporrans in horror and turning in their whisky soaked graves.

The whole point of a kilt is of course that it is a garment designed to allow the passage of fresh Scottish air around ones sporran shielded manly apparatus.

Being a modern man I must do as I am told I guess.

Looney said...

Hmmm. Half of that is soooo familiar. No, not the kilt part. The part about keeping peace with the wife.

Congratulations on your wedding. Italy? Are you going to get the pope to do the ceremony? :-) Now how do I send a wedding gift ....

Also, I am very curious what you did in the hotel room to almost rip your arm from your socket. That must certainly be a good story, but you probably won't be able to get the same effect on the blog as you would in a pub with all of the wiskey. Oh well. We will just need to let our imaginations do the rest.

So if Italy is the wedding, where is the honeymoon? Or is that just an American thing?

Bunc said...

er wrong end of the stick L. Its not me getting married. ( No one will have me boo hoo).

Its a friends wedding and I am one of the "wheel on a bunch of Scotsmen in Kilts" chorus line.

The injury to my shoulder is also sadly a mundane story. Leaving the house instead of properly turning to shut the door I reached behind me and yanked it. The door stayed where it was and my shoulder decided that it would enjoy a small temporary trip out of its socket tearing a tendon or two while it was at it. Nuts eh? Mond you given that I am the man who managed to do his back in once while ironing clothes then perhaps not totally surprising. (I'll do anything to get out of ironing)

I have to do a lot of travelling by car at the moment and an equal amount of typing reports etc and the project I have been woring on went live on 1st April - so its been a fun few weeks - not.

I shall raise a glass of Italian wine to you and your good lady in Italy.

The Pope has offered to marry me previously by the way - I turned him down as he is far too old for me and the wrong gender. He'll get over the dissapointment I'm sure.

Looney said...

Thanks for clearing all of that up! You definitely have my sympathies on the torn tendon part, as this has been bothering my knee for a few years.

Livingsword said...

Food prices world wide are becoming a major issue. I was reading an article about the price of meat in Egypt, a butcher they interviewed used to go home with 2 lbs of meat at eh end of his work day now he goes home with 1 lb, same amount of people eating it but he can’t afford as much because of the price increases, and he’s a butcher!

If people are not getting both bread and circuses civil unrest is never far behind….

Bunc said...

On the food prices shortages issue - its a strangge paradox that much of the current problem with food shortages and rising food prices appears to be llinked to rising levels of properity in some areas which were formerly closer to subsistence levels.
It seems that as economic activity in China and India rises peole want diets that include higher proportions of meat. This in turn raises the costs of both meat and cereals. The paradox is that the process of some people moving out of poverty sees others pressed further into subsistence. This is truly a harsh world sometimes.