Monday, March 24, 2008

Thoughts on Tibet.

As a free-market capitalist and Christian, there is little that would make me sympathize with the communist government of China. That being said, I think that China is getting a raw deal this time over Tibet.

First, according to the New York Times, these riots started as the ethnic Tibetans started destroying and looting ethnic Chinese shops and property. No, we don't have a license to target others by race. Whether we are talking the LA riots or the Sunni/Shiite battles in Iraq, this is just plain wrong.

To add more confusion to the fog, Nancy Pelosi's meeting with the Dalai Lama certainly isn't helping. With theocracy being condemned as a greater evil than Kim Jong Il style atheist cultism, why on earth would she be meeting with the Dalai Lama? Are the Buddhist monks really protesting for freedom of religion? Or for a Buddhist theocracy? Furthermore, can we really imagine the same circumstances, but Pelosi meeting with a Bishop Lama of the Tibetan Orthodox Church? Or imagine her meeting with Reverend Dalai of the Tibetan Fundamentalist Charismatic Christian Association! I can't help but feel that the Dalai Lama enjoys a special reputation among Western elites because he is Buddhist and not Christian.

Now it may be that China shouldn't have encouraged Chinese to move into Tibet a few years back, but they do have a right to bring a halt to ethnic terror in ways that we would not find acceptable if employed in Seattle, Washington. The West should not encourage this kind of ethnic rioting.

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Delirious said...

Well, I think support of the Dalai Lama is considered hip, in vogue, and Politically correct at present. Actors like Brad Pitt worship him and have made it the "in" thing to support him.

China does have their hands full right now, including the Tian An Men anniversary coming up. When we lived in Beijing, we witnessed a huge increase of soldiers and police brought in to the city during the week of the anniversary.