Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Global Warming Heats Up Egypt, Politically.

The immediate cause is higher food prices which rose 16.8% last year and 16.2% the year before. In a poor country where food is 40% of the average person's income, this is a big ouch. The same article reports that the international market for food went up 70%. The end result of all of this is that the poor are starving while rich Westerners soothe their consciences by driving biofuel powered SUVs.

Continuing along this line, The Economist has an article on the increase in rice prices. This isn't directly connected to wheat prices in Egypt at the moment, although there is certainly an ability to switch between wheat and rice for rich countries. At some point, however, rice paddies will be taken out of production to grow sugar cane for ethanol.


Delirious said...

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Looney said...

Interesting video. What comes to my mind is a little different. The Great Leap Forward in China by Mao left 10's of millions of people starving to death. The Soviet Union did something similar in the Ukraine. Now that we have globalization, the potential to accomplish something similar on a world-wide scale is something we need to face up to.

Global Warming could easily blow up into something that makes what the communist did look like just a drop in the bucket.