Thursday, June 07, 2007

Securing the Border Part 2.

One thing that doesn't seem to be noted in the current debate is the linkage between drug traffic across the US borders and the immigrant traffic. As the above article notes, there is a lot of chaos in Mexico at the moment driven by drug cartels fighting over rights for US dollars. The Mexican government is corrupted and/or terrorized by the drugs and this feeds into economic dysfunction. The end result is more people anxious to pursue a better life north of the border.

A serious effort to secure the border would stop Mexicans from pursuing a new life in the US, but it would also stop the funds going to the Mexican drug lords who are destroying their hope for a future.

Another article noted the legal problems that we have and the fact that some tort reform would be necessary to make the border enforcement work. If we arrest one million people per year going across the border, and they all effectively have all the rights of US citizens to sue the government indefinitely at American taxpayer expense, then the future for the US won't be much better than what the Mexicans are leaving. Thus, securing the border without tort reform is probably meaningless.

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