Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How to teach Islam at a Secular University ...

This would probably seem surreal if it weren't so deadly. We can try to coopt Islam for awhile, but eventually the young believers are going to start asking what Islam is all about. Who is this prophet Mohammed? What did he suggest we do with our lives? How can we be assured of paradise? The answers to those questions are filled with horror. The liberal, however, believes that he can trump reality with spin. May God have mercy on us.


Bunc said...

er tell me - exactly what is there to choose between mohammed and Jesus or any other self procaliamed messenger. As you previously acknowledged if you had been borne in Afghanistan you would probably have been a taliban!

You are right about being concerned about fundamenatlist islam - its exactly the same concern I have about the influence of fiundamentalist christians - you are all too busy worrying about everyone elses beliefs and behaviour!

Looney said...

It isn't about the behavior, but rather the fundamentals. Christian fundamentals go back to who Jesus is, what he taught and what he did. Islamic fundamentals go back to Mohammed. Jesus is incredibly gentle. Mohammed was a psycho killer.

Modern religious thinkers have taken a naive view that religions don't have fundamentals and are merely a mental disorder. Thus, decision makers look at it as a mental disorder management process. Because this viewpoint is, um, scientific rather than correct, it is doomed to maximize the chaos.