Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gay Marriage remains at the center of the Democrat's agenda.

The reason for this should be obvious. Once gay marriage goes through, the "ownership" of the concept of marriage will officially belong to society's lowest common denominator: Those who are the most mentally disturbed regarding their sexual orientation. The lowest common denominator will then have a license to mandate teaching in the schools and use taxpayer funding to screw up as many young minds as possible. I would love to be able to vote for a Democrat. I really wish there were genuine options so that I could opt out of the Republican party when they screw up (i.e. all the time). Unfortunately, the only option is a party whose primary objective is the desecration of everything that Christianity represents.


Bunc said...

Hiya Looney - I havnt got long to make a comment as I have a lot on my plate at the moment. Just to say that seeing as we becoming regular correspondents on each others blog I have decided to add you to my rather short and slective links list.
You are of course free to decide whether you want a horrble Scottish heathen like me as a link on yours!
Talk soon.

Bunc said...

Hi - Im back sooner than I thought. I went hunting a definition of excess death rates and couldn't find any general defintion.

All defintions seem to be in terms of death rates for specific illnesses and or treatments when considered against more standardised general death rates. Given that the Scottish study seems to be talking about an excess death rate for the general population ( I may be wrong on this) then I am not clear what baseline death rate an excess death rate can be getting calculated from. Unless perhaps they are taking excess death rates for a number of illnesses and then using these to generate a more general excess death rate.

By the way as I was trying to find references on this I came across the following article which I think addresses your previous comments about the "fitness landscape" issues and ID comprehensively. Interested in your thoughts on it.

The web page is:

Bunc said...

The last part of the web page reference seemed to get cut of. It is;