Friday, June 01, 2007

The Evangelical Bargain: "I will call you a Christian if you will call me a scholar."

This is the unspoken agreement that conservatives make with the liberals to bring together the unity of Christianity under the banner of "Evangelical". It is a fragile agreement. The liberals have largely retreated from their denial of Jesus as Lord and Savior, whereas the conservatives have started studying much more. The war, however, continues as we argue over who owns Christian morality and knowledge. Conservatives are too violent and not caring. Liberals love depravity and have never renounced communist economics, only the effect of communist economics. The conservatives reject science. The liberals, due to their stranglehold on academia, take every hare brained idea and elevate it to science. May the Lord help us to find His true path and stop the bickering.

Update: The quote at the top seems to be attributed to Bob Jones Sr. per the infallible internet.

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