Monday, May 07, 2007

"Why Men Hate Going to Church", by David Murrow.

This is a fun book to read. Fortunately, it doesn't reflect the reality at my local church, but the statistics show that men are leaving the church in the West which seems to be a symptom of a more systematic decline. In contrast, men are doing quite well in Islam making Islam the world's fastest growing religion.

The fundamentalist Christian viewpoint has always been that men and women have equal status and value, although fairly distinct roles. We should first contrast this to the Islamic view, where women exist solely to serve the men. The western secular feminist viewpoint is almost a polar opposite: Men exist to serve the women, or at least men should try to behave more like women.

This viewpoint has moved into the seminaries and pulpits so even the preachers have their personalities modified from the classic John Wayne / Clint Eastwood grouch. OK, they are extreme and I don't like men to be so grouchy. Still, the need for manhood in the church should be obvious. Today a typical Bible study or sermon will frequently focus on subtleties and nuances which are oooed and aaahed over for how profound they are. And just what kind of subtlety and nuances did Elijah or John the Baptist employ? Enough of this nonsense! Christianity needs real men!

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