Saturday, May 12, 2007

Quicksilver DNF.

Ooops. I did 6 miles of pavement training on Thursday, which probably caused me to develop the shin splint. The first 14.5 miles to Capehorn pass went well with a 2 hour 35 minute time. That was 10 minutes better than the training run from two weeks earlier, but the pains were starting to develop in the shin area and this was forcing me to run downhill a bit tenderly. The long 4 mile downhill after the summit beyond the pass resulted in the pain slowly increasing. Going up hill was generally preferred since a walk didn't hurt it as much.

About 2 miles from the 50k end point I saw Chiping heading back from the finish for the out-and-back section of the 50 miler. Hopefully he had a good run. The remainder for me became an increasing struggle as every attempt to run was painful and even walking got more and more painful. I reached the 50k endpoint with 6 hours and 35 minutes. Without the shin pain, I could probably have done a bit faster, but I was also fading too. It was certainly enough for the day. This was actually my first time to cover 50k in an organized run, so it still represents a milestone for me. Many other 50 miles gave up before me or finished afterwards. One of them apparently finished the 50k in about 4 hours. Wow!

An interesting feature of this race was that it was the first time that I used an altimeter to check my progress. By memorizing the elevations of the summits and valleys, you can get a good idea of your position on the course using an altimeter. The next two weeks will probably require bicycle training so the shin can heal.

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