Friday, May 25, 2007

Political Correctness vs. Honesty.

The fussing and posturing over Iraq continues. First, as far as I am concerned, Arabs, Jews and Europeans for the most part probably go back to Abraham at one point or another. It is rumored that 16 million Americans trace their descent to the Pilgrims after 4 centuries. How many would be descended from one person after 4 millenia? In a certain sense, we are all cousins, so I intellectually reject all racism and try to purge the emotions that are part of my makeup. That is who I am.

Not too long ago, however, that would not have been the attitude of the West. One group would have said, "Who cares if a bunch of towel heads kill each other? We shouldn't sacrifice our people and resources for them.". Another group would have cynically manipulated the parties to maximize the killing. A version of this was implemented as we tried to keep a balance between Iran and Iraq. They were trying to kill each other, and we made sure that neither got the upper hand.

Today, the honest, racist emotion of "let the towel heads and camel jocks kill each other and we will get some popcorn and beer and sit in the bleachers watching" is reduced to the politically correct, but utterly dishonest "we need to stop the war now, stop the killing, and repent for all of our psychopathic, murderous ways". Both reactions are morally repulsive, but I would rank the later as being lower on the morality scale.


Bunc said...

Ha Ha! Gotcha. I knew there would be something we would agree about!

Og course this doesnt change the fact that Donald Rumsfeld and others were total plonkers and messed up the handling of things after the invasion. Too much hubris and not enough hard post-inspection planning.

Looney said...

Hopefully there is plenty to agree on! I feel sad to see old sailing ships chopped up too.