Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Intelligent Design and Spam.

This morning, I deleted perhaps 20 spam e-mails from my account. Usually I can detect at a glance what is or isn't spam. Automatic deletion, however, is out of the question because there is about one or two important e-mails per week that the Artificial Intelligence engines mark as spam. Deleting these would be disasterous, so I continue to delete by hand. There are still a number of viagra and other related spams that do get through.

The failure of Artificial Intelligence to handle such an easy task is well known. The fact is that man's intelligence is so complex that only the most trivial tasks can be implemented in AI and rarely to the same degree of proficiency. Does man understand intelligence? No. Does he understand how Intelligent Design is accomplished? Of course not. So why do intellectuals persist in pronouncing ID as a stupid concept when a) it undeniable exists and b) intellectuals don't even understand it? The answer is that if you loathe God, then you are compelled to denounce ID in spite of all the evidence that God piles up in front of your face.

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