Monday, May 28, 2007

The Blind Watchmaker - Chapter 10

"Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution" - Dobzhansky, 1973.

In chapter 9, Dawkins noted the dilemma of "punctuated equilibrium" which is compelled by the fossil data. Like it or not, this pretty much precludes any hope of a fossil based verification of macro-evolution ever. Chapter 10 is about taxonomy and is a bit of a rant against some of the practitioners. Taxonomy sets out to identify the "tree of life", which to the Darwinist is an evolutionary tree, but to the Creationist, it is a design tree. How these two would be distinguished is apparently irrelevant.

What is more interesting is that the "tree of life" isn't agreed upon. Now I really don't know much of what has happened in the last 21 years since this was published, by I included Dobzhansky's to put things in context: It was clearly impossible for Dobzhansky to verify macro evolution from fossils, taxonomy, or molecular biology, but that didn't stop him from proclaiming that Darwinism is absolutely mandatory to understand everything in biology.

For the last 140 years, we have been told by theologians that we must believe evolution because the evidence compels it. The overall structure of Dawkins book is now clear however. His first 8 chapters are dedicated to proving that we must believe evolution because the theory compels it, not the data or evidence - exactly the opposite of what I learned in school. Dawkins remains oblivious that all his theoretical proofs would also require that things such as sonar have evolved without the benefit of a designer. In chapter 9, we finally get to the fossil data and he admits that the fossil data will never verify macro evolution. In chapter 10, he admits that taxonomy is a mess. And now, on to the exciting conclusion ...

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