Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Blessing of Global Warming Theory?

This article claims that in 5 years the global warming mania will go the way of polyester leisure suits. The reason is that 95% of the greenhouse effect is water vapor while carbon dioxide was only 3.6%. Of the carbon dioxide, man's contribution is only 3.2%, which means that man's total effect on the greenhouse gases is only .12%. What isn't quantified is what we do to effect the water vapor. On the one hand, we chop the rain forest. On the other hand, we make reservoirs in the desert and irrigate a big chunk of the planet which puts moisture back in the air. This might all add up to almost nothing compared to the amount of vapor produced by the oceans.

The reason this is a blessing is that intellectuals are forever taking their inane politics or religion, wrapping them in a "this is science" package, and treating anyone who objects as an imbecile or worse. The growing backlash will hopefully make it more difficult for these highbrow scammers to ply their trade. Darwinists and Intelligent Design deniers, you are next!

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