Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to the Theory of Evolution ...

Just a review: Evolution and Change are synonyms. If something evolved, it changed. If it changed, it evolved. So what is the Theory of Change? Actually, there are millions of theories of change ranging from Newton's laws of motion to Douglas Adams novels to old wives tales. For some, our confidence is extremely high. Others are pure garbage. The majority are either garbage or uncertain speculation.

So how does Evolution explain things? Evolution, like Change, is a superset of millions of theories. So when the Theory of Evolution explains something, it actually means that sub-theory number 4,332,817 explains the phenomenon, but theory 347,211 might have done just as well. The Evolutionist, having explained something with sub-theory 4,332,817 then observes that Evolution is validated per his observation. The next deduction is that sub-theory 8,543,063 must also be correct because Evolution has been validated per his previous work. This is the core fallacy and where Evolution starts looking more like a Ponzy scheme than a legitimate scientific theory. This is also why the molecular biology text books must alternate reference frames between the macroscopic Evolution concept and the individual sub-theories of physics and chemistry that actually drive change. The connection between the individual sub-theories and the overall Evolution Theory is merely one of grouping and bundling.

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