Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Training for the 50 mile Quicksilver trail run ...

This is part of the never ending upper middle age battle of the bulge. It would certainly be nice to see my weight go down, but the most likely effect is that it simply won't go up until I relax after the event. Saturday's 42 mile training ordeal left me sore and stiff on Sunday and Monday. This is usually a good sign because I won't be getting sore the next time I cover 42 miles. A key part of my week day training is eating 1.5 meals per day with minimal calories. By the time the training starts, I have gone 14 hours without consuming any calories which means I "hit the wall" pretty quickly.

Monday started out with a 28 mile bike ride to stay loose. A faster 8-miles of running was done on Tuesday. Today was cool and windy, but a longer effort was needed. Two years ago, I hurt my knee in a snowboarding accident, and it has been bothering me periodically - including today. Thus, instead of the 12 miles planned on Mission Peak, I switched to a 40 mile bike ride. The bicycling is extremely easy on the knee, especially compared to the running. Another training ride tomorrow is probably what I will do, followed by a Friday rest. Saturday will be a long training run to make sure that marathon+ distances in the hills are reasonably comfortable.

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