Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rejoice in the Lord always ...

But how can this be? We live in a crass and pathetic world full of violence and immorality. Even when I find something to rejoice over, half the world will view it as bragging. A happy family? Grrrr! More than enough income? Health? Stop bragging!

So what can I truly rejoice in? That Jesus saves sinners like me is certainly something to rejoice in. I will also rejoice that I get to see Him working in the lives of young people at church. In spite of all the chaos in the world, God is working to bring people to Him, and for this I will be happy.

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Marshall Art said...

We can't let the opinions of others get us down. I rejoice in the gifts the Lord has bestowed upon me without fear of rebuke. It's only braggin' if one doesn't ever shut up about it. But it's good to count one's blessings and be joyful for them, and I think it's good for others to see it now and then. To tie one's good fortune to God in a vocal way is evangelism. Giving Him the Glory and all. So I think we can truly rejoice in such things as our good fortune as well as those things outside ourselves, such as what you've described in your final paragraph. Praise God.