Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pain and Flowers.

I finally got a long mileage trail run in to prepare for the Quicksilver 50, although the last mile was a bit more like a limp than a run. The distance was 42 miles with 9,500 feet of elevation gain. Conditions were nice early on, but an afternoon rain storm brought wind to the high peaks.

The route went from Fremont, over Mission Peak and up to Rose Peak. Near the top of Rose Peak the wild flowers were at a peak bringing a lot of color to the run. From Rose, the trail drops down to the North Fork Indian River and back up another hill before reaching my turn around point a quarter mile beyond marker 31. Then it is back to the camping site beneath Rose Peak to refill the water and up Rose Peak one more time before heading home. The total time was 9 hours 30 minutes to cover the 41 miles and 20 minutes to limp the last one due to a nasty blister that developed on my heel. Next time I need to use my multi-layer socks.

This gave me some encouragement that I can finish Quicksilver within the 12 hour cutoff time. The terrain isn't as nasty and I won't need to carry 2+ liters of water between some of the stops. There is even some hope of finishing within the 11 hour qualifying time for the Western States 100.

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