Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pleasanton Ridge Park Trail Run

One of my favorite moderately hilly routes is this one from Pleasanton Ridge Park between Pleasanton and Sunol. There are several variations. What I like about this is the easier, runnable grades compared to Mission Peak. I was also pleased to see that the route which I thought was barely 15 miles was actually closer to 16 miles.

The first 2 miles of this course get incredibly muddy when it rains, so be prepared to handle an extra pound or two on each foot if you like the bad weather. The last few miles are in a valley where it is rare that you will encounter anyone, other than the occasional mountain lion feeding on her kill.

At about mile 3.75 near the top of the hill is a water fountain on the trail. This means that you don't need to haul too much up on the initial climb. The trail that cuts to the right at about mile 3.5 follows a long gentle grade down the mountain into Pleasanton. This is part of the Augustin Bernal Park and the dirt road isn't marked on the Pleasanton Ridge Park map that is available at the parking lot.

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