Saturday, April 07, 2007

Finally back from Mississippi. This was quite unusual with the entire faculty able to openly talk about their faith in God. The attitude of engineering as inferior creators compared to God as the supreme creator/engineer was refreshing. For those of us who work in this profession, it is always an obvious fact that the more complex a system is, the more in need of Intelligent Design it is. Evolution was always a belief system for people who rejected both God and His evidence.


Marshall Art said...


This is my first visit to your blog. I figure that anyone considered an annoying idiot by Michael White is worth a look. As you may know, I am considered more of an annoying idiot than either you or, I think the other was, Roger. Today, I find that I have been banned from the good Dr's blog. Something about hogging the conversation with my lengthy comments. I'd wager that to time a vocalized reading of my lengthiest comment would still come in under sixty seconds, which in normal conversation is nothing. But rather, I suspect that my comments were too difficult to refute. Now, they've been removed entirely and all there is of my visits are responses to someone named Marshall of whom there seems to be no trace. Forgive me for using your blog to cry on, though that's not really what I'm trying to do, but I just thought that as a fellow annoying idiot, I'd confer with you as to whether this action taken against me is typical, or if you agree with the good Dr regarding the length of my comments. Seems to me that clarity is difficult when brevity is the rule. Your honest response is appreciated. BTW, I would have emailed you, but I saw no such contact info, unless I'm too much an idiot to notice. Feel free to respond through the email if you'd so prefer. Thanx in advance.

One more thing: Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Looney said...

"Forgive me for using your blog to cry on ..."

No problem. Nice of you to stop by. Much of the issue is that the leftist, err, progressive thought patterns are so different. I work with young people who are heading off into the University of California system, so it is important to use the dialog to learn primarily rather than to persuade. The way the colleges work, young people are given the most persuasive form of an anti-Christian argument and this is compared to the weakest form of the Christian argument.

May the Lord's blessing be on you this Easter.