Saturday, March 31, 2007

Similar patterns ...

One similarity is the recent abducting of soldiers by Iran and their earlier treatment of soldiers captured in 2004. A competing model, however, is with the abduction of Israeli soldiers by Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon that sparked the recent spat between Israel and Hezbollah. This ended with a victory for Hezbollah and western "pacifists", while the abducted soldiers whereabouts remains unknown. Compared to the ealier incident of 2004, Iran has a new president, Ahmadinejad, whose self esteem is tied up in being obnoxious. Somehow I expect that Iran will follow the later pattern, but time will tell and I am certainly not a prophet.


Bunc said...

Hi Looney, I like your picture son your blog by the way. It seems I'minmydinnerjacket or whatever his name is has decided that he can be most obnoxious by pretending to be nice and releasing our captive sailors and marines. Now that is sneaky!

You would think that few would fall for Irans crude propoganda but there was actually someone on the BBC discussion board who suggested that I'minmydinnerjacket be put forward for a Nobel Peace Prize!
Makes you despair doesn't it?
Well it does if your an atheist like me - I'm sure christians dont do despair :-)

Looney said...

Thanks Bunc. I have been under the impression that Ahmadinejad is conserably more intelligent than any western politician. Thus, he can play the BBC for fools quite easily. Ahmadinejad's immediate objective is to get a nuclear terror threat operational, so the sailor incident has to be seen in that context.

You are correct, however, that Christians don't despair - if they really are Christians. It is all part of God's plan and in spite of the incredible pain and suffering, there will be some net good that we are expecting and looking forward to.