Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Balance 907 Trail Running Shoe: Review

It is always fun to do 10 miles of trail running before church and then tweak those who show up late to church. Pathetic.

This morning I tried out my new trail running shoes on the Mount Allison - Mission Peak route. They are a heavy duty trail runner with nice toe protection and an extra inner layer of plastic in the sole to spread out the effect of sharp rocks. On the fast down hill sections, this was quite nice as there was almost no sensation of rocks at all. The descent was fast and the final quarter mile of gradual acceleration to a sprint felt especially good.

There was also a penalty, however, which was experienced on the uphill section. The stiffened soles mean that the shoe won't flex as easily and the heel of the shoe doesn't track the heel of my foot very well. This results in a lot of chaffing and I have a nasty blister on my right heel. Restringing the shoe laces helped a bit, but probably I won't be able to use the shoes unless I am on a relatively flat course or with a double layer of socks.

My other trail runners are ASICS Gel Eagles which are lightweight and flexible. These never give me any blistering problems, but don't have nearly the protection against sharp rocks that the New Balance shoes offer.

The mountain was very nice this morning with a cool fog covering the upper half. Sunrise was at 7:04 which was about the time I was done, so most of this was done in the dark with the headlamp.

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