Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sitting in the courtyard at UC San Diego ...

"The beginning of wisdom is a complete disregard for the Lord." - Philosophy 101

I was reading the student newspaper waiting for my daughter to finish her class. An author named James wrote an article entitled "Why I am an Atheist". He wanted to address the arguments put forward on behalf of religion. I was excited: How would an atheist respond to Pascal's Wager? Would he take on the observable that survival of the fittest doesn't favor atheists?

James brought out the most compelling argument he had encountered on behalf of religion: "religion makes you feel good"! I was certainly astounded. Is this what we get from a university ranked 7th best public university in the nation by US News and World Report and 13 internationally by another study? The same issue of the student newspaper also had two articles on "negative learning" due to the recent study of university student knowledge of basic facts about the US at 50 campuses. UC Berkeley freshmen scored 60.4% while the seniors scored 54.8% - the more you study the less you know. The UCSD paper was discussing what the university could/should do to try to improve things. Perhaps they could start by admitting total failure in their ability to teach anything about Western Civilization.

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