Friday, November 03, 2006

Remembering a failed 50k trail run.

Last year about this time, I joined the Stinson Beach Trail Run. Earlier the training runs had reached 30 miles on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail, so it seemed there was some hope to do this. Unfortunately I took a flu shot, came down with the flu, and then stayed sick for 3 months. Thus the run was started all drugged up to try calming the coughing. Early on, I was embedded in a group along the single track who were discussing the charms of 100 mile trail runs in the manner that others might discuss a nice resort. Their dream was the world's most beautiful 24 hours of torture, called the Hardrock 100. Thus, I have my mind set to accomplish a 100 mile trail run, if the Lord allows me to. Shortly afterwards, the asthma medicine caused my heart to start beating much too fast and I had to drop.

This year things seem to be going better. Last weeks 40 mile training run on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail went well. The coughing is still with me, but manageable. So there is some hope, although the Lord may have something more important for me to do.

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