Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Miffed about Memory.

As this Digitimes article shows, the prices of memory chips have defied the laws of physics for the last year. I was hoping to load up some of my machines with 32 Gbytes of RAM for a few hundred bucks, but prices have been going up for a long time. Grrrrrr. Much of the explanation seems to be that solar panels are competing with chip making for high quality silicon production. The global warming prophets are warning of a GDP loss if we do nothing. I like solar and don't have any problem with supporting it, but there is also a big GDP loss if we reallocate resources by doing something. At this point, no one can say whether doing something or doing nothing will result in a greater GDP loss. Inane rhetoric from the global warming lobby is not helpful.

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Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I doubt it's inane logic, but solar is only one part of the energy alternatives. We can't invest everything in one solution. However, I'm willing to wait on memory chips if it helps to spread solar.