Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Curious Theocracy.

What is curious about this theocracy is the diversity. For example, President Bush is the head, and was raised an Episcopalian before becoming a Methodist. Attorney General John Ashcroft, a Pentacostal, was fingered by the ACLU as a major figure. If we start looking further, we see Catholics and Mormons joining with various Evangelicals. Then there is Jack Abramoff, a Jew, who forms another part of the Axis of Theocracy. To top it off, there are internet rumors circulating that President Bush is inviting Muslims in to pray.

Maybe someone smarter than me can explain how this is going to work. We all face Mecca, straighten our tefillin, speak in tongues, sing a tedious praise song, recite a verse from the KJV, cross oneself, ... and finish up with "Just as I am" and an altar call. How do we accomodate the Rastafarians?

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